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“How To Sell Your Business – Without a Business Broker” is an easy to understand quick-start Ebook that’ll show you how to complete every step in the process of selling your own business… even if you have never sold anything before.     In fact, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to sell your own business…even if you’re not a “salesperson”


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" of the best business books I've ever read!" "Thank you so much for writing this book. Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how much I'm am getting out of your book. I've read quite a few books on the subject and talked with so many business brokers that just confused me more than they helped me. The step by step process that you oultine is going to make this a process that I can start and finish. I'm on my second read through! Great Job!" 

-Bob Johnson, TX.


And what’s really great is that it comes with over 80 pages and several forms that show you exactly what to do, STEP BY STEP.

"How To Sell Your Business - Without a Business Broker"

The reason you'll be off to such a fast start...and getting quick results... is that the book is written in nothing but Plain English!

You may be asking yourself who I am and why I am qualified to help you sell your business especially since I have never met you and I know nothing about your specific business.  My name is Brian Fitzgerald; I currently reside in Dallas, Texas. I have started, bought and sold numerous businesses personally, making plenty of the mistakes that I am going to help you avoid. I also owned a business brokerage firm, which was a member of TABB, the Texas Association on Business Brokers, for 17 years. A member of IBBA, International Business Brokers Association for 15 years. Being a member of a Business Broker Association, you are required to uphold their code of ethics and continuing education..

The business brokerage firm, which I owned, has brokered more than $100 million worth of businesses, individually ranging from a worth of $10,000 to tensof millions of dollars. I am not saying these things to impress you, but to impress upon you that I do understand your business and I know what it will take for you, or anyone else, to sell it.

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Here's Just a Small Portion of What You'll Discover in "How To Sell Your Business Without a Business Broker"

  • The similarities and differences between selling a house and selling a business, statistics on how many businesses are sold, and why you may want to use professionals for some parts of the process.
  • I will explain what the most important step in the process is, that most sellers do not realize, and I will help you to answer the question, “Why do I want to sell?”

Bonus:  What you must add to the listing agreement if you do decide to use a business broker.  This amount alone is worth 100 times the prices of the book.   I have sold this information to other Business Brokers, showing them how to not add this information to the listing agreement


In the EBook  You will also get a detailed description of the Selling Process.  In the book, I will separate each step into its own chapter and discuss in detail, including the necessary forms needed. I will also talk about how to maintain control throughout the entire process.  The following bullets highlight the major steps in the selling process.

  • I  have developed a checklist of documents and other materials that should be collected in preparing for sale. When a buyer is ready, you do not want him or her to lose interest or find another deal while waiting on materials. I will also talk about what your business is worth and how to evaluate this worth.

  • The Executive Summary is a description of the Company, with its financial highlights and unique characteristics that a potential buyer may find attractive. The Confidential Portfolio is a rather complete description of the Company, including its markets and products, presented in such a way as to assist potential buyers in a preliminary review of the company.  

  • Identifying and pre screening potential buyers is the next step in the selling process. You will want and need to employ various sources and methods for identifying and contacting buyers and I will show you all these methods in the book.

  • Initial contact and pre screening buyers should be for the purpose of determining the buyer’s level of interest in acquiring your business. During these discussions, you attempt to determine the major reasons for the buyer’s interest in the Business, his or her objectives in purchasing the Business and the timetable to complete the transaction. I will step you through what questions to ask and why.

  • Once you understand the buyer’s motives and objectives in acquiring your Business and the buyer understands the opportunities that your Business offers, price and terms may then be discussed. Deal structuring provides the vehicle for meeting your needs, meeting the objectives of the buyer and balancing the risk of the transaction. We will also discuss how to be assured that the buyer has the resources to purchase the Business at the price and terms discussed.

  • After all material issues have been resolved; the buyer may present an offer to purchase or a letter of intent. Or the buyer may want to go directly to an offer to purchase agreement. There are samples of the offer to purchase in the book; and your attorney and your tax advisor should carefully review it prior to your acceptance.

  • During this phase, the buyer will seek to substantiate and confirm what he has come to understand about the Business. Due diligence may be performed by the buyer, his staff or an independent third party. This step may take several weeks or longer to complete. Areas of investigation may include technical aspects of the Business such as products, management, customers and compatibility of operations; financial aspects including a review of financial statements, tax returns, physical inventory and warranties, etc.

  • During Following the completion of the buyer’s due diligence, including the resolution of any issues that arise from the process, a definitive purchase agreement may be prepared. This is usually the base document that will be used for the closing. The closing should be done by a “neutral” closing attorney or may be done at the offices of your attorney.

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Get Your Copy Of “How To Sell Your Business – Without a Business Broker”  Plus Your Two Free Bonus Gifts Now For Only $99.

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I know you’ll be thrilled with “How To Sell Your Business – Without a Business Broker”…and you’ll be overjoyed by how easy it is to sell your own business without paying high fees to a business broker !


Wishing you years of fun and happiness.



Brian Fitzgerald
A Fellow Business Owner

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